The more I go to the Four Town Fair, the more I heart it. It’s fairly small, but the energy level is hopping and there are FOUR buildings of animals and crafts so it’s legitimately an agricultural fair. It’s the oldest ag fair in CT and the four towns are Enfield, East Windsor, Ellington, and Somers.

I went on Thursday night, which meant all the small animals and fowl were there, but no large animals except for the pigs and alpacas. HOWEVER, it made for way less time spent agonizing if I should sell my house and buy land and have these cool animals around me all the time even though I’m sure I am allergic to them and sometimes are afraid of their weird pig hooves. And because it was still light out when we first arrived, I got to see these giant sunflowers, which are usually hidden in the dark.

The real reason I love these types of fairs are that I am so entertained by the crafting section. I like to look at the produce and baked goods, but since I am incensed that I can’t actually eat them, crafts are more my thing. Here is a quick slideshow of some of the more awesome things presented.

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Christopher loves the midway games but I take all my money and literally throw it away at the Ellington Music Program cakewalk. They convert your cash into dimes, and you throw them on this board, trying to aim for these tiny musical notes. Then you run out of dimes and think hey, at least I am supporting local music programs and I bet those cakes suck. But you know they were probably great.

I got a baked potato and that was predictably decent, but I finally got to try chocolate cover bacon and you know? I didn’t like it. I thought I would since I am on board the Sweet and Salty train, but this was gross to me.

The fair is still going on today. Click for more info here!